EQT Corporation

EQT Corporation (formerly Equitable Resources Inc.) is the Appalachian Basin’s largest natural gas producer. EQT stock is traded on the NYSE under the symbol EQT. EQT Production is the business unit that finds and develops hydrocarbon reserves. EQT holds 3.4 million lease acres and 25 Tcfe of natural gas reserve potential in the Appalachian Basin. The company also drills in unconventional reservoirs like shale, tight sands, and coalbed methane.

Contact Information for Royalty Owners – Tel. (412) 395-3328

Those who own gas royalties and oil royalties are an important group to EQT Corp. If you receive oil royalty or gas royalty from a lease under production by EQT Corporation, you can contact them at (412) 395-3328.

EQT Corporation Production Volume Verification

If you are a lease holder (lessor) currently under production by EQT Corporation you can verify your oil and gas production volumes by visiting How to Verify Your Oil and Gas Production Volumes. This page includes links to the state agencies that record oil and gas production data and also covers the basics of how oil and gas is measured.

Cash Payment for Your Royalty

If you own a producing royalty you can receive a no obligation cash offer for your producing royalties from the MineralWeb experts.