Nebraska Mineral Rights

The economic value of Nebraska mineral rights dates back to May of 1940 when the first oil well was drilled. The Bucholz Well No. 1 was drilled by the Pawnee Royalty Company. This was the first well in Nebraska to produce at least 50 barrels daily for 60 consecutive days. Currently, most of the producing mineral rights in Nebraska originate from the production of crude oil. There is very little production of natural gas in Nebraska.

Major Oil and Gas Fields in Nebraska

  • Boevau Canyon Field
  • Culbertson Field
  • Dill East Field
  • Dry Creek Field
  • Hoover Field
  • Jones Field
  • Kleinholz Field
  • Meeker Canal Field
  • Sleepy Hollow Field
  • Terrestrial Field

Oil and Gas Companies Active in Nebraska

  • Benson Mineral Group
  • Berexco
  • Black Hills Exploration & Production
  • Central Operating
  • Coral Production
  • Edward Mike Davis
  • Evertson Operating Co
  • Gore Oil
  • H & M Petroleum
  • Hoefle Oil
  • MICA Energy
  • Noble Energy
  • Pathex Petroleum
  • Vista Operating

Nebraska Mineral Rights Links

Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission:

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