South Dakota Mineral Rights

South Dakota Mineral Rights and their influence goes back to the late 1800’s when natural gas was first discovered there. Crude oil was not discovered until 1954 when Shell Oil drilled the 34-9 State well. This well was drilled in the Buffalo Field of Harding County. The advent of horizontal drilling techniques in recent years spurred production of natural gas, thus providing a new source of income to owners of mineral rights in the state.

Major Oil and Gas Fields in South Dakota

  • Alum Creek Field
  • Barker Dome Field
  • Bison Run Area
  • Bull Creek Field
  • Cady Creek Field
  • Central Buffalo Red River Unit
  • Cheyenne River Bend Field
  • Clarkson Ranch Field
  • Corey Butte Field
  • East Harding Springs Field
  • Edgemont Field
  • Harding Springs Field
  • Igloo Field
  • Jones Creek Field
  • Jumpoff Field
  • Pete’s Creek Field
  • Porter Ranch Field
  • North Buffalo Red River Unit
  • South Buffalo Red River Unit
  • South Medicine Pole Hills Field
  • State Line Field
  • Table Mountain Field
  • Travers Ranch Field
  • West Short Pine Hills Field

Oil and Gas Companies Active in South Dakota

  • Citation Oil and Gas
  • Continental Resources
  • L & J Operating
  • Luff Exploration
  • Pawnee Oil Corporation
  • Peter K. Roosvevelt
  • Roosevelt Operating
  • Sands Oil Company
  • Spyglass Cedar Creek
  • Tecton
  • Wyoming Resources
  • Zenergy

South Dakota Mineral Rights Links

South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources:

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