Chemicals in Fracking – AR Official Comments

by Kenneth E. DuBose on July 8, 2011

Many are still asking, “What is hydraulic fracturing?”  The relative ignorance of this topic has recently come into play as more and more fracking is taking place.  An Arkansas oil and gas official says many of the chemicals used are already known about.  He says the disclosure rules are a success.

“The director of the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission says a rule requiring gas-well drillers to reveal the chemicals they use to break up underground rock formations has been a success since it took effect in January. But he says he doesn’t see a need to go further with restrictions on the hydraulic fracturing process known as ‘fracking.’ ”

“Larry Bengal told a legislative panel on Thursday that 354 chemicals used in fracking have been registered with the state since the new rule took effect. He said 62 of those chemicals were not completely disclosed because of an exemption for trade secrets.”

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