Colorado Group Campaigns Against Oil & Gas

by Elizabeth Alford on February 26, 2016

The debate over oil and gas drilling in Colorado continues to heat up, as one environmental group initiates a new ‘scare’ campaign for residents of Adams County.

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Conservation Colorado unveiled a new project this month that offers publicly available information on potential drilling activity in Adams County. The group spent over 300 hours gathering and compiling data in order to plot leases and mineral rights on maps that show nearly 64 percent of county land contains active oil and gas leases or mineral rights held by energy extraction companies. The maps also show that:

  • 18,544 acres of active oil and gas leases and mineral rights held by energy companies are within one mile of schools.
  • 32 schools are within 1,000 feet of active oil and gas leases.
  • 47 schools are within 1,000 feet of mineral rights held by energy companies.

Randy Hildreth, Colorado Director Energy In Depth told Denver Biz Journal,  “Conservation Colorado’s effort to frighten Adams County residents is little more than a scare campaign that ignores the extensive considerations that go into permitting the location of an oil and gas well along with nearly a decade of rule-makings and regulations governing nearly every aspect of shale development,”

This is the latest push-back over drilling rights close to residential development. The Boulder Valley School District is currently working to reach an agreement with Anadarko Petroleum Corp. over oil and gas drilling rights on an adjacent property new K-8th grade school. The district wants the company to relinquish the surface use rights they hold or agree to only access oil and gas through horizontal drilling.

Join the discussion in the Adams County Group in Mineral Rights Forum

Earlier this month, Adams County ruled it would not issue permits within 1,500 feet of homes, schools of public buildings for a six week period in order to take some time to revise the county’s extraction agreement with companies.

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