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Encana Won’t Pursue Northern Michigan Mineral Rights Leases

by Kenneth E. DuBose on July 29, 2010

Encana withdraws lease offers to mineral rights owners in North Michigan:

One of the big players in the rush for mineral rights leases in Northern Michigan will take a step back and not pursue any new lease agreements on private property. Letters have been sent to landowners in the area on behalf of EnCana, stating that any open negotiations for mineral rights leases on private property have been withdrawn. “EnCana has chosen to take a wait and see approach,” said Doug Hock, director of community and public relations for EnCana. “We remain active in the state and plan to drill an exploratory well on our state leased acreage in the near future. Until the results of this can be evaluated, however, we’ve made a decision to forgo further leasing of private land.”

Full Article: Encana Withdraws Michigan Lease Offers –

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