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Frack Sand Plant Going Up in Chippewa County, WI

by Kenneth E. DuBose on July 24, 2011

Wisconsin frack sand is becoming a hot commodity. Another sand plant is being built in Chippewa County, WI. The completion sand plant willl help provide much needed frack sand for oil & gas development across the US. If you have sand on your property, you might have been approached over the years about selling. Sand is often sold by the ton and not based on an type of royalty.

” ‘It’s an opportunity for new business to come in, there’s hope for young people, and people who want to have a job, and they don’t have to drive to Eau Claire or Rice Lake, they can live where they work,’ says Dan North, President of the New Auburn Area Development Corporation.”
“Sand plants are popping up all over Chippewa County. Chippewa Sands is building a facility in Chippewa Falls, and Superior Silica Sands is building two plants near New Auburn.”

” ‘We wanted to come and hire as many local people as we could to operate the plant,’ says Joe McKie, with Insight Equity, the company that owns Superior Silica Sands.”

“And those jobs aren’t just coming to sand plants, they’re affecting other industries as well.”

” ‘Over the next year, we’re looking at probably hiring somewhere in the 30 to 40 drivers range,’ says Kari Trulson, with Terri Durand Trucking.”

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