GM Natural Gas Vehicles Going to Production?

by Kenneth E. DuBose on July 6, 2011

GM and Detroit in general might be changing its tune when it comes to natural gas vehicles (NGVs).  While natural gas would be much cheaper, the costs of buying and then maintaining a NGV are higher than a traditional gasoline motor.  If a major car company like GM will step up its research and development, we might not be far from seeing more and more NGVs on the road.  That’ll also mean more natural gas fuel stations.  I’m not sure if we’ll get the chicken or the egg first.

“General Motors Corp announced plans this week to develop its first natural gas-powered engine, overcoming its long aversion to alternative fuels and joining a host of smaller players working to put natural gas in car engines.””In Indianapolis, Marlon Kirby has built a new supercar that looks much like all the others – sleek, curvy, low to the ground – but which differs from its gasoline-guzzling counterparts in one major way: it runs on liquid natural gas.”

“The United States has more natural gas than it knows what to do with – up to 100 years of supply, experts say – thanks to a new drilling technique called hydraulic fracturing which releases huge reserves of natural gas trapped in shale rock.”

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