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Haynesville Shale: $1 Billion Louisiana Pipeline Underway

by Kenneth E. DuBose on July 23, 2010

Construction of a $1 billion pipeline in Louisiana is underway:

Chances are if you drive the interstate at any point you’ll see an escort vehicle with two or three 18-wheelers loaded with massive green-colored pipes that stick out beyond the rear axle. Those loads eventually will make up the 105,000 tons of steel to be lowered into trenches along a 175-mile stretch across most of north Louisiana. Once it’s all in the ground, the 42-inch diameter pipe will carry 2.4 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas, most of which is coming from the Haynesville Shale region of northwest Louisiana. “We will be serving the whole eastern half of the U.S. with Haynesville Shale gas,” Energy Transfer Partners Interstate Pipeline Division Vice President Lee Hanse told a crowd of local, parish and state officials who gathered Thursday in the Willow Bay Ballroom for a luncheon to celebrate the start of the ETC Tiger Pipeline project.

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