Hydraulic fracturing Added Gas Production When Needed the Most

by Kenneth E. DuBose on July 12, 2011

Hydraulic Fracturing has created such a large disconnect between citizens and oil & gas companies that we worry it will be a while before the issue settles down. The funny thing is that no one knew that some college kid would create a video that would get everything worried that they were being poisoned without knowing it.  The fact is that fracking has gone on for years and many engineers have reviewed the process.  There’s a reason you didn’t hear about it until the documentary.  It had not been a problem.  In simple scientific terms, you don’t worry about a fluid that has miles of rock between it and any water source. You worry about making sure there is always sufficient casing on a well and that safety standards are high enough to eliminate accidents. As a landowner, you should include the same stipulations you would have before. Protect yourself from industry accidents that could hurt the value of your property.

The gas boom we’re experiencing is coming right at the time when we were supposed to be importing most of our gas. I’m happy we’re stepping up to the plate and beginning to provide some of OUR own energy.

“When engineers first coined the term ‘hydraulic fracturing,’ it’s a safe bet they never expected that such an arcane technical phrase would need to be understood by the general public.””Today, however, the term has gone mainstream as the increased production of natural gas from hydraulic fracturing has resulted in an economic boom in the areas it is being used. The result has been significant job creation and increased tax revenues for cities and states in those areas, as well as economic benefits to local mineral owners.”

“In Colorado, natural gas activity is helping fuel the economy. The natural gas exploration and distribution industries provide more than 137,000 jobs in the Centennial State. And the people of Colorado are also consumers: More than 1.7 million Coloradans consume about 327 billion cubic feet of natural gas each year.”

“The additional supply in the marketplace has also resulted in lower, more stable natural gas prices for customers across the country. In fact, over the past four years, hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling techniques have combined to increase domestic natural gas production nearly 20 percent. All of this has helped keep natural gas prices at almost half the levels they were only five years ago.”

Read the full news release at denverpost.com

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