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Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals Revealed by Range Resources

by Kenneth E. DuBose on July 19, 2010

Range Resources reveals the chemicals used in its hydraulic fracturing operations:

Range is currently using four additives in the hydraulic fracturing of its natural gas wells in the Marcellus
Shale. These highly diluted and common additives collectively make up about fourteen one-hundredths of
one-percent (0.14%) of the hydraulic fracturing fluid — with the remaining 99.86-percent comprised of
water and sand. Approximately four one-hundredths of one-percent (0.04%) of the fluid and sand mixture
is considered hazardous in a concentrated form, according to federal regulatory classifications, and like
most common household chemical substances in diluted form, pose no harm. In partnership with its
service companies, Range has reduced the number of additives and is continuing to undertake research
to further refine materials used in the hydraulic fracturing process.

Press Release: Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals Revealed

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