Landowners Combat Samson for $98.8 Million

by Elizabeth Alford on January 25, 2016

Samson Resources are playing defense as landowners demand action.

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A group of landowners who leased their interests in oil, gas, and minerals to Samson Resources, have requested a special statutory committee to represent the interests of all 50,000-75,000 landowners that have contractual relationships with the now bankrupt company.

Robins Kaplan LLP® is spearheading the effort, which alleges that Samson improperly deducted from landowner accounts and exhibited a lack of transparency with respect to royalty deductions and computations. The landowners are entitled to a portion of the $98.8 million in revenue that was generated on the lands in 2014, according to court documents.

This show of force is an effort for all of the individuals to be represented in a way that might not be possible individually.

Attorney Scott Gautier comments, “Not only are the claims of the landowners unique from those of general unsecured creditors, but most of the landowners, taken individually, lack both the resources and understanding of the bankruptcy process and the nature of the claims they may have against the Estate.” Gautier continued, “The absence of such a committee will likely result in a lack of participation, or worse, misrepresentation of the claims and interests of the collective group of landowner creditors.”

Oklahoma-based Samson Resources filed for Chapter 11 protection last September.

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