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Leasing Minerals Is A Business Decision And Should be Treated That Way

by Kenneth E. DuBose on October 3, 2011

Mineral leasing is big business. You might or might not have a large of enough mineral position to push the limits of a lease agreement, but be sure to use prudence just like you would in any business decision. Consider the ramifications of development and what that means to you and your specific situation. Oil & gas development doesn’t usually leave a big footprint, but a well head will be there for at least 20 years in most cases.

The growth of hydraulic fracturing is expanding drilling operations into new locations and causing many landowners to deal with contracts over surface and mineral rights for the first time.

Pat O’Toole, a rancher, former state legislator and president of the Family Farm Alliance, said it is critical for landowners to arm themselves with knowledge and caution before they enter a deal with oil and gas companies.

Signing a bad contract can carry long-term consequences for the landowner’s property and their livelihood, he said.

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