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Marcellus Shale Water Treatment – EPA Releases Disposal Info

by Kenneth E. DuBose on July 8, 2011

Water treatment and disposal from Marcellus drilling companies has been a growing topic of concern of late.  A check on compliance to recently passed rules by the EPA shows that companies producing Marcellus waste water are following the rules.

“In April, Pennsylvania regulators gave the drillers until May 19 to voluntarily stop taking the salty, chemical-laden waste fluids to 16 treatment plants that cannot remove all of the contaminants before discharging it into state waterways.””The state is still verifying compliance, but it appears that nearly all of the state’s drillers satisfied the request, a state Department of Environmental Protection spokeswoman said Wednesday.”

“The documents released by the federal EPA indicate that the six companies with the most Marcellus Shale drilling permits intend to reuse, treat or dispose of their waste water this year without relying on any of the plants that had been grandfathered into stricter state discharge regulations.”

“The information was submitted by Atlas Resources (now owned by Chevron), Talisman Energy, Range Resources, Cabot Oil and Gas, SWEPI and Chesapeake Energy.”

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