Mineral Owners Win Against ConocoPhillips

by Elizabeth Alford on June 21, 2017

Texas mineral owners win a huge judgment against ConocoPhillips for lost mineral royalties.

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Leon and Minerva Ramirez have been fighting for their rightful share of the mineral royalties from their family land for over seven years. ConocoPhillips had been extracting oil and gas from the family’s land since 1995 and had paid royalties to some family members, but not to Leon and Minerva. The pair filed a lawsuit and a trial court found that the Leon and Minerva had an interest in the mineral rights and ordered ConocoPhillips to pay roughly $11.7 million. After numerous appeals, The Fourth Court of Appeals in San Antonio ruled in favor of the brother and sister earlier this month, overruling the issues raised by ConocoPhillips.

“Based on the plain language of the face of the documents in the chain of title, we hold the trial court properly granted summary judgment for the grandchildren on their claim to the disputed ¼ mineral interest in Las Piedras Ranch, and properly denied summary judgment for ConocoPhillips on the issue of title.”  – Justice Rebeca C. Martinez

The court affirmed that the pair is entitled to the original $11.7 million in damages from the oil and gas company.

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