MineralWeb Cited in Kiplinger Personal Finance

by Kenneth E. DuBose on December 30, 2011

The November 2011 issue of Kiplinger Personal Finance contains an article titled “Cash In on the Natural Gas Boom”, in which MineralWeb was interviewed for part of the story.

The article explores the oil and gas boom in Pennsylvania and how it has changed the lives of many across the state. Lease bonuses have soared from $3 an acre in 2000 to thousands per acre today. Shalionaires are popping up across the state and its time to think about long-term financial planning. Should you buy, sell, or hold mineral rights in PA:

Market timing is as risky with mineral rights as it is with stocks or bonds, says Kenny DuBose, a mineral-rights consultant and CEO of MineralWeb.com.
You can read the entire news article at kiplinger.com

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