Pennsylvania Royalty Owners Find Advocate

by Elizabeth Alford on June 30, 2015

Mineral royalty owners in Pennsylvania are getting another chance for fair payments thanks to State Rep. Garth Everett, who re-introduced a bill that will make sure owners receive what they deserve.

House Bill 1391 addresses complaints that gas companies are cheating leaseholders by charging exorbitant post-production fees for things such as processing and transporting gas. The bill amends the Oil and Gas Lease Actt of July 20, 1979 and provides for minimum royalty payment for unconventional gas well production and remedies for failure to pay the minimum royalty.

One resident of Susquehanna County, told stateimpact that he “has lost more than six figures in royalty payments.” Stories like this have prompted several lawsuits and garnered the attention of Everett who says that “When PA landowners signed leases for a percentage of the value of the gas produced from their property, they were assured by the gas companies that they would receive no less than the statutory one-eighth – not something significantly less than that because of deductions.”

Land have prompted several lawsuits and garnered the attention of Everett and 37 others lawmakers who are co-sponsoring the bill. cost landowners a great

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