Petrohawk Building Shreveport Office

by Kenneth E. DuBose on July 11, 2011

Petrohawk is building a Haynesville Shale office in Shreveport. The Haynesville Shale was welcomed in Northern Louisiana during the economic downturn and it looks as if the city of Shreveport will continue to benefit as more and more companies add offices there.

“The Shreveport area certainly has not been immune to the recession that gripped the nation. Layoffs, business closures and other indicators are evidence that northwest Louisiana eventually was impacted.”

“But Shreveport has a much more stable and diverse economy than many other cities its size. And, as Kurt Foreman notes, there are all kinds of things going on in this area that have insulated us from some of the more major pains other cities have experienced.”

“One example is Libbey Glass’s recent announcement of a $9 million effort to modernize its manufacturing facility in Shreveport, helping preserve 814 jobs there. Strong interest also continues to develop in the Haynesville Shale natural gas play, so much so that Petrohawk is erecting an office complex at East Preston Avenue at Knight Street.”

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