RAM Energy Plans Mississippian Oil Play Drilling

by Kenneth E. DuBose on June 20, 2011

Mississippian Oil play drilling activity continues to grow with RAM Energy announcing plans to begin targeting the Mississippi Lime formation.

“RAM Energy Resources, Inc. (Nasdaq: RAM) today announced an update to activity in its Mississippian oil play in Osage County, Oklahoma which encompasses the company’s 56,320 acre concession, a part of the broad Mississippi Chat/Mississippi Solid/Arbuckle oil play in the region. Interpretation of the first phase of 3-D seismic (Phase I), acquired in 2010, and initial drilling results indicate that a substantial portion of the acreage surveyed could be prospective. Although the Mississippi Chat has been the company’s primary objective to date, the company’s practice is to drill through the Chat and through the Mississippi Lime formation in order to gather additional science for future development.”

Read the full press release at ramenergy.com

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