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Samson Oil Seeks Jefferson County TX Mineral Rights Lease

by Kenneth E. DuBose on August 10, 2010

Samson Oil & Gas has filed an application for land in Jefferson County:

A Colorado corporation has filed an application in Jefferson County District Court, seeking the oil and gas rights to a piece of land in Jefferson County. Samson Oil and Gas claims it is engaged in oil and gas exploration and development in Jefferson County and has discovered a tract of land in Calvert with an unleased interest. According to Samson’s application filed July 30 in Jefferson County District Court, Bernadine Hucks owned the piece of land in question, but has not paid taxes on it for at least five years. Although Samson has searched for Hucks to obtain permission to develop the land for oil and gas production, it has been unable to locate her, the suit states. Unless it obtains the court’s permission to use Hucks’ land for production, Samson will not be able to obtain valid oil and gas leases, the complaint says.

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