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Smackover Brown Dense Oil & Gas Leasing in Morehouse Parish LA

by Kenneth E. DuBose on July 18, 2011

The Morehouse Shale or the Smackover Brown Dense formation is garnering more and more attention in Northern Louisiana. No doubt that something of interest is creating the stir in oil & gas leasing in Union Parish and Morehouse Parish in Louisiana.

“Ray Smith of Monroe, who works in the oil and gas industry, said rumors of future gas exploration in Morehouse Parish might not be accurate.”“ ‘We don’t know who it is [that may be interested in the mineral rights],’ he said. ‘The speculation may be oil, but it’s just speculation right now.’ ”

“Mineral lessor Frank Spooner of Monroe said the sudden flurry of activity at the clerk’s office could indicate one of several possibilities.”

“ ‘I’m making assumptions, of course, but they may be thinking of drilling the Smackover Dense [Formation],’ he said.”

“ ‘Another possibility is they want to drill below the Smackover and go through beds deeper down,’ said Spooner. ‘Somebody may be looking at the Morehouse Shale.’

“A third possibility, he said, is that a firm who is drilling in the vicinity might have plans to expand exploration to the surrounding area.”

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