State Regulators Join Forces to Oppose Clean Air Act

by Elizabeth Alford on July 14, 2016

State regulators from Texas North Dakota and Montana gathered in Washington last week to testify before a senate subcommittee about their concerns over the Clean Air Act.

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Industry leaders and officials from oil and gas states have been critical of recent ruling by the Environmental Protection Agency that sets tougher standards for methane leaks along the natural gas production line.

U.S. House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee heard from state leaders who claim the ruling is unnecessary, too costly and represents intrusive governmental overreach. The group was especiialy critical of the government running rough -shot over the state’s authority in their own backyard.

Texas Railroad Commissioner David Porter testified that, “The underlying themes in EPA rulemaking under the Obama Administration have been the consolidation of increased regulatory power in the Federal Government to the detriment of State authority, and the circumvention of the regulatory authority granted to EPA by Congress.” He went on to say that “The President disregards the Constitutional limits of his office and public opinion to forward his own liberal agenda that combats fossil fuels and favors unreliable and costly alternative energy sources. In promoting this agenda, he has allowed EPA to become the mouthpiece for ideological propaganda.”

The EPA estimates that the ruling might cost the industry somewhere between $420 – $530 million, certainly enough put the nail in the coffin for some oil and gas producers who have been struggling after months of low crude prices.

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