Public Pension Fund Performance Supported by Oil and Gas

by Kenneth E. DuBose on June 27, 2011

Public Pensions benefit from natural gas and energy holdings.  It all gets a little more complicated when the politicians realize energy is one of the only industries that has done well in the past few years.

“Returns on oil and natural gas assets in the top two state funds averaged 42 cents for each dollar invested compared to just 6 cents for other assets in these funds from 2005 to 2009.”

” ‘During good economic times – or challenging ones – oil and natural gas investments far outperformed other public pension holdings,’ said Kyle Isakower, API vice president of regulatory and economic policy. ‘We already know that a healthy domestic oil and natural gas industry is good news for jobs and government revenue, and we now know that it also provides stability to the nest eggs that millions of Americans are counting on for a secure retirement.’ “

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