Tennessee Weighs Executive Order on Oil and Gas Activity

by Elizabeth Alford on July 20, 2017

Tennesee is paying close attention to a new executive order that paves the way for more oil and oil and gas extraction in the state’s National Parks.

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In March, President Trump signed an order that required federal agencies to review or rescind policies that ‘burdened’ the development of oil and gas development, including the 9B rules that set standards and regulate the relationship between the park service and operators.

Tennessee is one of many states that are keeping a close eye on the recent executive rollbacks affecting energy policy. Currently, Tennessee’s National Park Service oversees 326 oil and gas sites in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, including 150 that are currently operating. It is still unclear exactly what impact the order will have, but many feel this is a step backward that could deregulate oil and gas activity inside the parks.

In the following video, the Chief of Resource Management for Big South Fork talks about oil and gas operations in the area and the balance between private rights and preserving public lands.


President Donald Trump’s Executive Order is entitled “Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth” and is part of a larger push to roll back Obama-era policies that limited energy initiatives


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