Texas Royalty Owners Have the Right to Request Information from Operator

by Kenneth E. DuBose on April 29, 2014

Royalty owners living in Texas receive a mandatory letter annually from operators notifying them that they can request certain information. Section § 91.504 of the Texas Natural Resources Code provides royalty owners the right to request information about itemized deductions, the heating value of the gas, and the identification number for the lease, property or well.

All requests to operators must be in writing and made by certified mail. The operator is obligated to respond within 60 days of receiving the receipt of your request. Additional information regarding production and related information may be obtained by contacting the Texas Railroad Commission office or visiting their website.

Texas royalty owners should take advantage of this right if the operator does not explain deductions from or adjustments to payments on the check stub, attachment to the payment form, or by a separate mailing. Always, keep track of any correspondence with your operator, as it can contain important information about your royalty interest.

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