WV Frack Fluids Killed Trees

by Kenneth E. DuBose on July 13, 2011

Frack fluid was dispersed in a forest in West Virginia and the vegetation has subsequently died.  This shouldn’t be a surprise.  Salt and chemicals kill most plants! You have to know the chemical levels are low before dispersing in areas of vegetation. Disposal wells are almost always better, but are sometimes costs prohibitive. The industry has to eliminate mistakes like this one. The actions of a few are giving the industry a bad name.

“A gas company that legally doused a patch of West Virginia forest with salty wastewater from a drilling operation killed ground vegetation within days and more than half the trees within two years, a new report from the U.S. Forest Service says.””Lead researcher Mary Beth Adams says that the damage to the quarter-acre, detailed in a case study published in the Journal of Environmental Quality, shows the need for more research into industry practices.”

” ‘There is virtually no information in the scientific literature about the effects of gas well development on forests in the eastern U.S.,’ she said Monday. That ‘paucity of knowledge’ must be filled so land managers and regulators can make better decisions.”

“For starters, Adams’ report suggests West Virginia create a land-disposal formula that incorporates not only the concentration of salt and chemicals in treated hydraulic fracturing fluid but also the size of the area it can be applied to. Adams says that could help prevent overdoses like the one that occurred in the Monongahela National Forest.”

Read the full news release at forbes.com

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