Owner’s Guide

The Owner’s Guide is a practical, action oriented resource for mineral rights owners. The Guide contains information for those already leased, and those who are contemplating or negotiating a lease offer. It also includes advice and guidance for owners whose leases are not producing, for those wondering if they have unclaimed mineral rights,  and for mineral rights owners considering the sale of mineral rights royalties. Be prepared- with the Owner’s Guide.

  • Oil & Gas Basics – General information for mineral rights owners. Start here if you’re a newbie.
  • Leased And Producing – Articles designed to assist owners with questions or issues related to a producing well.
  • Unleased Mineral Owner – Articles containing information about how to attract oil or gas drilling on your property, and understanding the value of your mineral rights.
  • Leased But Not Producing – Information for mineral rights owners who have newly-leased property.
  • Lease Proposals – Articles and guidelines for evaluating and understanding lease proposals.
  • Opportunities – Articles about discovering unclaimed royalties in your name.
  • Prefer Cash Payment – Information on estimating the value of your mineral interests and the possible sale of your mineral rights.

Articles presented within this Guide are originally authored by MineralWeb, it’s owners, and it’s staff, based upon over 25 years experience as oil and gas professionals.