Leased and Producing

Producing mineral rights require constant management. If you are a Mineral Owner under lease and currently receive monthly revenue. The articles below will help you with everything from understanding taxes to how to read your royalty statement.

  • Oil & Gas Measurement – Explanation of how oil and gas is measured at the lease and how it relates to payment for royalty owners or mineral owners.  Defines MMBTU, MCF, BBL and more.
  • Royalty Calculator – Use this oil and gas royalty calculator to determine your oil and natural gas interest.
  • Royalty Management – Explains how to manage oil and gas royalties. Covers topics like mineral rights fragmentation and estate cleanup.
  • Royalty Statements – Learn how to read and understand your oil and gas royalty statement.  Explains terms like decimal interest, deductions, MCF, and BTU factor.
  • Surface Rights – Learn the basic differences between surface and mineral rights.
  • Volume Verification – Short article explaining how oil and gas royalty owners can verify their oil and gas production.  Includes links to free state verification
  • Royalty Taxes– Explains the tax on royalty and how these relate to mineral rights and royalty owners. See the articles below for additional detail.
  • What is Fracking? – Hydraulic Fracturing defined through the eyes of a mineral owner.