Oil Royalty Calculator

Use the oil royalty calculator below to calculate your decimal interest and then to estimate your monthly revenue. It’s simple and it’s free. Remember, oil prices and production rates continually change, so feel free to come back regularly to freshen your revenue estimate.

Also, use MineralWeb’s  Natural Gas Royalty Calculator if your well produces natural gas.  Combine the results from both calculators if you have a well that produces both oil and gas.

Size of Your Property
This is the amount of your property that has been contributed into (ie. pooled into) in a particular Production Unit. Learn more...
Size of entire Production Unit
This is the physical size of the entire Production Unit as established by the Operator (i.e the oil or gas company). Learn more...
Percentage of mineral ownership within your property
This could be 100%, 50%, 33%, 25% or some other percentage. Enter as a whole number. Learn more...
Royalty percentage from your Oil Lease
This is the % of royalty agreed to between you and the Lessee, as stated in the oil and gas lease that you signed. Enter as a whole number percentage (enter 12.5 for 1/8 royalty, 25 for a 1/4 royalty.) Learn more...
Your Decimal Interest (you may input directly if you desire):
Now that you have your decimal interest, you can estimate your monthly revenue. Only two more items are needed - oil price and production volume.
Price Per Barrel of Oil
Use the most recent NYMEX price, or enter your own. Learn more...
Production Volume
Estimated barrels of oil produced monthly from this Unit. Learn more...
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REMEMBER, THIS IS AN ESTIMATE ONLY AND DOES NOT INCLUDE  SEVERANCE TAXES OR  POST PRODUCTION COSTS.  Moreover,  NYMEX prices are usually higher than prices actually received.