Unleased Mineral Owner

“I am an Unleased Mineral Rights Owner.”

Even if your mineral rights are not currently under lease to on oil or gas company, there is still plenty to learn. The articles below will show you everything you need to know about attracting an oil or gas company to drill on your property and also explain how mineral rights are valued

  • Mineral Rights Inheritance – Short article examining mineral rights inheritance and ownership issues.  Discover tax implications of inherited mineral rights.
  • Mineral Rights Value – Short article explaining how to estimate the value of oil & gas mineral rights and what influences their value.  Gain perspective on your minerals and royalty.
  • Lease My Land – Short article explaining how to attract oil and gas companies to lease your land.  Topics include mineral values, property records, and finding companies.
  • Surface Rights vs Mineral Rights – Learn more about the rights you have as a surface owner.
  • What is Fracking? – Hydraulic Fracturing defined and explained from the eyes of a landowner.