Community’s View of the Existence Of The Online Gambling Industry

by wordpress on May 19, 2017


Gambling Stigma in Society’s View

Often gambling games are identical with negative impressions. Both Poker Online Site gambling and classic gambling are defined as bad things like spending money, being addicted to things that are contrary to social and spiritual norms. Particularly in Indonesia, various forms of gambling are illegal and strictly prohibited, if found to be in violation they will be subject to civil and criminal articles. In developed countries like the United States and several European countries legalize the practice of gambling with several conditions such as: standard age that has been fulfilled (generally: 18+), already earning, etc. As for several Asian countries such as; Singapore and Macau which legalize gambling certainly with the terms and conditions that apply in accordance with those regulated by the law in that country.

Gambling Game Mechanisms in Community Life

Apart from the various negative stigma that has been attached to Gambling, sometimes you realize it or not in daily life – the mechanism in the gambling game indirectly or directly works in our lives. This can be proven by an example, which is when you decide to stop working with someone or at a company because you want to open a business or entrepreneurship, at that time you are dealing with a gambling mechanism, ie you are faced with loss of work and monthly fixed income with start a new business that is still in the pioneering stage, of course, a new business that is not pioneered will not necessarily generate profits in accordance with monthly income when you are still working at a company, even sometimes you experience losses when you start – pioneering your business. The illustration above explains that the gambling mechanism also occurs in our daily lives. There are still many other examples where betting mechanism in gambling games happens in our daily lives. It’s good we always see things with a variety of perspectives do not just look at it from a negative perspective and based on bad judgment from others. Often we are not aware that there are some positive benefits from gambling games in general, such as training the ability to think, count, plan strategies, etc.



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